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About our fine profession

I want to be a sysadmin. What should I do?

Seek professional help.

So, I've just "volunteered" to be a sysadmin. What do I do?

See 5.3 Also look at the vocabulary pages, which can provide you with useful vocabulary for your sysadmin career.

Where do sysadmins rank as a profession

Somewhere below janitors.

How are new sysadmins made

The devil probably has something to do with it. See Simon's page on that subject

What's a typical day in the life of a sysadmin

For an excellent, if somewhat optimistic, picture of a sysadmins life, see this page

Perhaps Abby Franquemont-Guillory summarised the life of a sysadmin the best, when she described us as:
"disgruntled, disenchanted with things we used to really get a kick out of, foul tempered, hard-drinking, heavy-smoking, overworked, with no real social life to speak of."

Why can't I find my sysadmin?

See this page.

What sort of music do sysadmins listen to?

This gets asked a lot. Probably all I can say is "loud", and even that isn't a given. A survey of the readership of ASR was taken, which may be found here
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