Force Windows 10 Update

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Ready to update to Windows 10 but your machine still tells you to wait? If you’d like to have it NOW here’s all you need to do. First, navigate to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistrubution\Download (Windows key + R, then type that path and press enter) and delete all files and folders you see – this eliminates the potential for a problem I had …

Joomla or WordPress on a Plesk powered VPS

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Permission and scripting errors running Joomla or WordPress on a Plesk powered environment?  The work around is to set directory permissions to 777 which is obviously a bad idea, so cutting the long story short, you’re most likely running PHP as the Apache user.  Change this to FastCGI and you’re off and running.  There just saved you hours of google …

Installing ntop with untangle 10.0

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You are limited to an older version of ntop using the latest version of Untangle due to shared library dependencies. ntopng won’t run correctly with this version of debian as is – and making it work would break untangle (I believe…) SSH as root Modify /etc/apt/sources.list and uncomment debian line, backport line # apt-get update # apt-get install ntop All …

DosBox with built in MT-32 Emulation

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To experience the old (classic?) games the way they were meant to be heard there’s a new branch of DosBox with built in MT-32 emulation.  Back in the day not many of us could afford an actual Roland MT-32 so we settled with Adlib and SoundBlaster. 🙂  If you’re an old game fan it’s nice to hear the original Sierra, …

Physical Machine to VM

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Aging application on aging hardware.  Common problem with a simple solution.  These tools will keep the legacy app going for a few more years while you hammer out the migration path 🙂 Contact me for additional assistance! VMWare Converter Disk2VHD CloneVDI

Hibernate Windows 7 and Vista

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In Windows 7 or Vista, if you want to enable hibernation you can do the following:    Drop to a cmd prompt as administrator, and type: powercfg  -h    on after a reboot you can edit the hibernation settings from the advanced plan settings of the power control panel app.

Microsoft Support Scam

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You receive a call from a weird number, and are greeted with someone with an Indian accent.  They ask you to hit WINDOWS+R to bring up the RUN box, and type in, or ask you to type in CMD and then ASSOC and then will read you this number: 888DCA60-FC0A-11CF-8F0F-00C04FD7D062 Here is a great article on the Scam.  Don’t …

Odd 404 Error with aspx pages

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Ran into a situation that took me a little troubleshooting recently where .aspx pages would not show up in a browser, instead would only display a 404 error. Looking in the IIS log I found the following: GET /Default.aspx – 80 – 404 2 1260 Long story short, this server didn’t have .Net4 registered. To fix, drop to …