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So you’ve bought the enterprise edition of BarTender that allows you to connect multiple machines to a central database? That’s cool, it’s an expensive package so obviously, you need that functionality.  Or you’re trying to repoint a machine to a new non-local Bartender Database?   Your Central Bartender Database is pretty important!

Except it doesn’t work. If you try to connect the second system to your BarTender 2016 R3 database it will fail.

Here’s what you need to do ( unless you feel like calling tech support, waiting on hold for 20 minutes just to hear someone do their best not to use the word “BUG”

  • drop to admin command line and go into your Bartender Suite dir.
  • systemdatabasewizard /Silent /Type=Connect /Server=<SQLSERVERINSTANCEHERE> /Database=<DATABASENAME> /Log=wastingmytime.log


systemdatabasewizard /Silent /Type=Connect /Server=CATR002DB01 /Database=SystemDB /Log=WastingMyTimeWithBugs.log

Don’t add the /Authentication parameter if you’re using Windows authentication or else you’ll trigger another bug. (if you need SQL authentication then knock yourself out… but /Authentication=Windows will trigger act like you used the /Authentication=SQL parameter.)

For the price of the software, these are some pretty laughable bugs… Really laughable when you realize that this is Revision 3 of a software package two years old.

Still love ya bartender but come on.