Force Windows 10 Update

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Ready to update to Windows 10 but your machine still tells you to wait? If you’d like to have it NOW here’s all you need to do. First, navigate to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistrubution\Download (Windows key + R, then type that path and press enter) and delete all files and folders you see – this eliminates the potential for a problem I had …

Hibernate Windows 7 and Vista

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In Windows 7 or Vista, if you want to enable hibernation you can do the following:    Drop to a cmd prompt as administrator, and type: powercfg  -h    on after a reboot you can edit the hibernation settings from the advanced plan settings of the power control panel app.

Microsoft Support Scam

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You receive a call from a weird number, and are greeted with someone with an Indian accent.  They ask you to hit WINDOWS+R to bring up the RUN box, and type in, or ask you to type in CMD and then ASSOC and then will read you this number: 888DCA60-FC0A-11CF-8F0F-00C04FD7D062 Here is a great article on the Scam.  Don’t …