Assembly Language Commands

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Al Cmds

		Forgotten Assembly Language Commands

	ARG		Agree to run garbage
	BBT		Branch on binary tree
	BBW		Branch both ways
	BEW		Branch either way
	BH		Branch and hang
	BMR		Branch multiple registers
	BOB		Branch on bug
	BOD		Beat on drum
	BOI		Byte operator immediately
	BPDI		Be polite, don't interrupt
	BPO		Branch on power off
	BST		Backspace and stretch tape
	CEMU		Close eyes and monkey with user space
	CLBR		Clobber register
	CLBRI		Clobber register immediately
	CM		Circulate memory
	CPAR		Crumple paper and rip
	CRB		Crash and burn
	CRR		Convert to Roman Numerals
	CU		Convert to unary
	CZZC		Convert zone to ZIP code
	DC		Divide and conquer
	DWIMNWIS	Do what I mean, not what I say
	DMPK		Destroy memory protect key
	DNPG		Do not pass go
	DO		Divide and overflow
	EIOC		Execute invalid opcode
	EMPC		Emulate pocket calculator
	EPI		Execute programmer immediately
	EROS		Erase read-only storage
	EXOP		Execute operator
	EXPP		Execute political prisoner
	FSRA		Forms skip and run away
	GFD		Go forth and divide
	GFM		Go forth and multiply
	HCF		Halt and catch fire
	IBP		Insert bug and proceed
	IIB		Ignore inquiry and branch
	LCC		Load and clear core
	MBF		Multiply and be fruitful
	MLR		Move and lose record
	PBC		Print and break chain
	PD		Play dead
	PDSK		Punch disk
	PI		Punch invalid
	POPI		Punch operator immediately
	PS*		Punch obscenity
	PSD		Pause and smoke dope
	PVLC		Punch variable length card
	RAT		Random Access Tape
	RD		Reverse directions
	RDS		Read sideways
	RIRG		Read inter-record gap
	RPM		Read programmer's mind
	RSC		Read and shred card
	RSD		On read error self destruct
	RSTOM		Read from store-only memory
	RWCR		Rewind card reader
	SDJ		Send data to Japan
	SHAB		Shift a bit
	SHLBM		Shift a little bit more
	SMR		Skip on meaningless result
	SOT		Sit on a tack
	SQSW		Scramble program status word
	SQPC		Sit quietly and play with your crayons
	SRSD		Seek record and scar disk
	SRZ		Subtract and reset to zero
	SSJ		Select stacker and jam
	STROM		Store in read-only memory
	TDB		Transfer and drop bits
	UER		Update and erase record
	WBT		Water binary tree
	WEMG		Write eighteen-minute gap
	WPM		Write programmer's mind
	XSP		Execute systems	programmer
	ZAM		Zero all memory



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