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Marking the first time the tech giant has done so, Apple will broadcast tomorrows event using Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming. You’ll need to be running on an iPod touch, iPad, iPhone, Mac running Safari and 10.6, or a Windows machine running the latest Safari (Windows is unconfirmed).

Some of the better rumors circulating about tomorrows announcements

are a redesigned Apple TV also being re-christened the iTV and touting NetFlix (USA) support (Now that the lawsuit over the name is settled), a new touchscreen controlled iPod Nano (little small for that isn’t it??), and perhaps an iPod touch with a retina display and the camera’s used on the iPhone 4.

It’s also been all but completely confirmed that AutoDesk will be announcing the return of AutoCAD to the Mac after a nearly 15 year absence.

Note: I have no link to the actual event, since the Original Press Release didn’t include anything but a promise and a link to Apple’s Main Page